What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that works with all aspects of our human system.
With the guidance of an experienced teacher, a Yoga practitioner can be empowered to work towards restoring and/or maintaining the health and balance of their whole being.
The practice is done in an accessible way: beginning with appropriate Yoga postures,breathing and relaxation techniques and reflective practises. Other tools of Yoga are introduced as appropriate.

Janet Coutts practicing Yoga, overlooking the garden at the Norwood Yoga HouseWho can do Yoga?

Yoga is for everyone: there are no pre-requisites.
Postures, breathing practices and other Yoga tools can be modified or extended to suit individual needs.

What can you gain from Yoga?

People are discovering that Yoga helps them meet the challenges of modern life with improved health and well-being.

Yoga is not only an excellent practice for energising or for relaxation, it is also a powerful healing modality -- when practised under the guidance of an experienced Yoga Therapist.


Yoga is a way to:

At the Norwood Yoga House: