Traditionally Yoga was personalized for students – respecting students’ strengths and addressing their needs. The greatest benefits can be gained from Yoga by doing a well-designed home practice on a regular basis. The tools and techniques of Yoga can be adapted (modified or extended) to suit individual needs.

A private Yoga session at Norwood Yoga HousePrivate Yoga sessions are for those who

Private Yoga sessions are available in either of 2 ways:

1.    to establish a personal, home practice


2.    ongoing one-on-one teaching

Personal Practice

There are 3 sessions in developing personal practice:

Initial consultation

This initial consultation allows the teacher to assess the needs of the student. A program is devised, and the student can begin to learn the tools and techniques that s/he will then practice at home.

1 - 1½ hours

Practice together

The student and teacher will go through the practice together, and make any changes to the home program as necessary.

45 minutes

Fine-tune the practice

A final session to fine-tune the practice.

Practice is then reviewed and developed every 6-8 weeks, or as required.

30 minutes

One-On-One Teaching

One-on-one sessions are just that - individual students working under the guidance of the teacher.

Sessions are 1 hour, with appointments made to suit the student.

A range of Yoga tools are taught and practiced at each session, according to the needs of the student on that day.